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Mother Campbell

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Mother Campbell  

Elder Laura E. Campbell

I am an Evangelist / Elder and a Mother in Zion in my local church.  I  am a Minister of the Gospel  and I love to talk to the people of God.  I also have a Ministry for 7 Steps in a Womens Life (Single, Married, Seperated, Re-United, Divorced, Re-Married,  & Widowed). The ministry is "Take It to the Street Community Womens Ministry"

I am seeking to start a business  in Stationary & Etc., in my community and I am seeking  persons, foundations, companies and Grant to assist me.

I am rasing two (2) grandchildren that my daughter left due to an illness of ALS(Lou Gherits) which took her life in the month of June 05.  She had this illness for 4 yrs.  Now that I have the 2 kids to raise  i would like  to start my own business so I can be with them when needed and I can take that time off.

This is the reason that I am asking for help to start my business because the income I have and what DHHR give is not quite enough for the 3 of us. I also have my Grandson bi-wkly, so she left 3 children to be cared for.  I have medical records to prove my statement if anyone should request it before they give me any FUNDS.

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